Covid Update

Dear Brooktree Golf Course Members and Patrons,


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We believe golf is a healthy outlet, which can be done safely, if everyone follows the strict Center for Disease Control guidelines and COVID-19 safety protocols.


We ask that you don’t be the player or pairing that ignores the social distancing guidelines and golf course safety protocols.  You can help keep golf courses open in Minnesota by being self-aware of golf course safety guidelines at all times while on the course property, prior to and after playing.


We have implemented the following safety protocols to protect the golfer and the golf course staff.

We implore you to actively follow the guidelines.


  • Check the Brooktree Golf Course website to keep updated on currently guidelines.  The rules will be fluid and could change at any time.

  • Practice safe social distancing (6 feet apart) at all times, before, during and after play.

  • Golfers must have tee time and all payments will be by credit card.

  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your tee time.

  • Walk or single rider carts (except two will be allowed for immediate family members)

  •  It is recommended golfers bring their own antibacterial wipes for use before, during and after playing.

  • Do not share clubs.  Do not touch or adjust flag sticks or hole liners.  Bunker rakes and ball washers have been removed. 

  • Golfers are responsible for their own trash.  Small garbage baskets have been removed.  However, their will be large trash receptacles placed around the course and club house.  Please help keep everyone safe and dispose of your own trash.

  • Please be aware that opening golf courses is an exemption to the shelter in place directive.  Be aware that you are being watched by nongolfers and the news media looking for golfers ignoring the COVID-19 safety protocols.


While we are able to enjoy playing golf, we must remember that these are unusual times and we need to do what’s best to keep everyone safe. Please do your part to ensure you’re following the rules set forth by Governor Walz, CDC and the Brooktree COVID-19 safety protocols.


Stay safe, stay well, and keep golf open by being self-aware and following the safety protocols at all times.


Tom Vizina

PGA Professional

Brooktree Golf Course

Brooktree Golf Course



  1. Tee times and registration will be done by phone and/or online.  Credit Card will be the only method of payment at this time.  The Proshop number is 507-774-7123.   Tee times can be made on our website:   Individual players and twosomes will need to call the proshop to make a tee time.  As there will be fewer tee times available, players may get paired, depending on the amount of play that day.  Players must have a tee time to play.  There will be no walk-in tee times. 

  2. No outside food or beverage will be allowed.  No coolers will be available or allowed on the course.   The only restroom facilities available will be the portable bathrooms. 

  3. Carts:  One golfer per cart, unless the players are from the same household.  Carts will be sanitized after each use.  There will be sanitizing wipes available to players who want extra care in sanitizing the carts.

  4. Touchpoints:   On-Course touchpoints will be eliminated as much as possible, this includes rakes, ball washers, scorecards, pencils, water coolers, towels and seed bottles. 

  5. Cups will be modified to restrict golf balls from going fully into the hole.  Do not remove flagsticks.  Leave the pin in at all times, if your ball crosses the cup or hits flagstick it’s considered holed, if it stops within 3 feet.  Gimmies are encouraged.

  6. Bunkers will be considered ground under repair.   Play as it lies or without penalty drop the ball outside the bunker without penalty.

  7. Golfers will be responsible for their own trash.  Receptacles will be placed throughout the course and by the clubhouse.  Please help keep everyone safe and dispose of your own trash.

  8. Social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times.  Intentional and deliberate failure to abide by these rules will be subject to expulsion from the grounds without a refund.